Planned Litters

I reserve the right to the first pick of the liter. A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to hold the puppy, showing that you are serious. I accept cash, checks, money orders and credit cards.

Planned Litters


Puppies are picked and sold in the order deposits are received. Due to some people wanting to keep their puppies tail, please pick your puppy and let me know within the first couple of days that you want to keep the puppies tail

Sage and Pepper's planned litter due 1-5th of September. Taking Deposits

Chloe and Peppers litter Due 1st week of September.. Taking Deposits


20230108 211619


20211221 180517 1
20211221 180517 1

Jewels and Pepper's Born May 1st /2023 / NO Puppies available/ All sold


Due 1st week of September

20230109 155241

Pepper and Sage's litter Due 1st week of September/ Taking Deposits ber

20211221 173007 2

Jewel's and Pepper's litter Born May 1/ 2023 All SOLD

20211221 170535 1 1

Pepper and Sages litter Planned for late March 2021

Pepper and Sage's litter planned for end of March 2021 .. taking deposits.


20230108 211828


20211221 172654 2


20211214 211121